Birthing Photography

What is Birthing Photography?

Having three children of my own I know what it’s like to go through labor and delivery, how things can take forever or move quicker than you expect. I have memories of each stage of my labor and the delivery as well as those first precious moments of seeing my baby for the first time…but I don’t have any quality pictures. Unfortunately Birthing Photography was not something people did when I delivered my babies two decades ago! I recently went through some of the birthing sessions I photographed and the images were a powerful reminder of the day. They drew out strong feelings of joy, excitement, hope and love…and I was just the Photographer! Oh how I wish someone took pictures during my labor and delivery!


Birthing photography transforms the birth journey into more than just a cherished life memory. It captures the story of your child’s birth from the tiniest detail to the love and emotion shared between husband and wife. Documenting your emotions, endurance, dedication, passion and pain during the hours before your child enters the world. Those moments, although you are sweaty and not very glamorous, are one of the greatest moments of your life. Capturing your baby’s first breathe, first cry, the expression on your faces when you she him/her for the first time, these moments are so very precious and only happen once. It’s not about snapping a picture, its about documenting the moments leading up to the birth of a life, it’s freezing time in an artistic and meaningful way.


Why Hire a Birthing Photographer?

One of the most common comments I hear from parents when they find out that I am a birthing photographer is how much they regret not hiring a photographer for their child’s birth. They asked family members to take pictures but they came out blurry or the baby’s head was cut off, the images were too dark or the details were off. That’s not to say that those images are not cherished, they most certainly are. Your husband and family in attendance are there to witness this miracle and all the little moments that will unfold. You don’t want them to be pressured to “capture the moment” instead of being a part of it. A professional photographer knows what moments to capture and when to capture them. They are familiar with the bad lighting, working in small spaces, knowing where they can and can’t go, they know how to compose the picture quickly and properly, they know how to stay out-of-the-way and still get the shot. They use their cameras almost daily and know how to get the settings they need quickly when the environment changes quickly. This is a moment in time that you cannot recreate.


There are moments during your labor and delivery that you will never forget and just the memory will draw out wonderful emotions of love and joy but the truth is, there will be a lot of things that you do not remember. Let’s face it; your main focus is on one thing and one thing only! When you see a picture of your husband rubbing your back you may not even remember him doing that but every time you look at that picture, you will feel how he loved you in that moment. While you are pushing and your baby’s head started to crown you were obviously busy, you probably didn’t take the time to turn and look at the expression on your husband’s face and even if you did you probably didn’t really notice the expression of absolute excitement, wonder and joy! Photographs of those moments will give you the opportunity to enjoy those moments that you missed and that is priceless!


Everything happens so fast and it’s hard to remember detailed moments and emotions of the day. The beauty and strength labor brings to a woman is captured forever. The photographs will tell an amazing story that you will never forget.


Thank you so much and please let me know if you have any questions.


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